Bind your audience – cross-media!

Possible Subjects

  • Election results: Who will be the next president?
  • Political constellations: Which parties will form the next government?

What our prediction markets do for you

Our prediction markets have a history of delivering precise political forecasts that are usually better than traditional surveys. In addition, they contribute an interactive element to your web site, and they prolong the duration of your readers’ stay on the site: First, the participation in the market itself prolongs the duration during which readers are for example exposed to ads on your site. Second, only informed traders are successful in a prediction market. Therefore, participation in the market fosters a need for information, and your web site is the most convenient place to get it quickly, so that traders in the market will always return to the news section of your site.

Your Benefit

In a time of globalized content delivered by news agencies to all newspapers alike, prediction markets offer an element of distinction for your web site because they are interactive and offer unique content. Both aspects allow you to intensify the relationship with your readers and, in the end, to monetize it.

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