Know tomorrow's GDP – today!

Possible Subjects

  • Value creation: What will be the gross domestic product (GDP) for this year?
  • Consumer Sentiment: What will be the Consumer Sentiment Index (CCI, ...) at the end of the year?
  • Taxes: What will taxes in the U.S. amount to in 2010?
  • Bankruptcies: How many companies will go bankrupt next year in this country?
  • Employment: How many persons will be unemployed at the end of this year in Germany?

What our prediction markets do for you

In an area where predictions are especially difficult, collecting information and knowledge from a large group of participants helps to capture all aspects of complex situations. With this extensive view, prediction markets can pick up small shifts in the participants' perception. Furthermore, due to the anonymous nature of the medium, the predictions are less prone to political influences and bias.

Your Benefit

Knowing the development of the economy allows a better planning and therefore enables you to prepare earlier for both phases of crisis and growth. Early knowledge of a recession enables your company to better weather it, and your company is ready to profit from the recovery when it occurs.

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