Monitor your future sales figures in real time!

Possible Subjects

  • Sales: How many units of the product will we sell this year?
  • Turnover/Profit: How high will turnover/profit be this year?
  • Quality: How customers will complain about defective units?
  • Customers: How many new customers can we acquire this year?
  • Churning: How many customers will we lose this year?

What our prediction markets do for you

Prediction markets enable you to gather your employees’ estimations on core aspects of your business. Whenever there is a change in one of them, our prediction markets will instantly let you know to give you more time for dealing with the new situation.

Your Benefit

With a longer lead time, your company has a bigger chance to profit from positive changes and to limit damages from problems. For example, knowing your future sales figures allows you to adapt your production and logistics in good time and therefore to avoid costs and losses associated with last-minute adaptations or missed sales opportunities.

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