Learn about project troubles when they occur!

Possible Subjects

  • Credit risks: How many of our debtors will default in the next year?
  • External risks: Which threats are relevant for our business?
  • Project risks: Will this project finish on time? If not, how much delay will it have?
  • Project controlling: When will we reach the milestones?
  • Project planning (cost estimates): What are the costs for this project?
  • Quality management: How many bugs will our software have at the launch date?

What our prediction markets do for you

Traditional parametric and – to a lesser extent – nonparametric forecasting models often have problems predicting (external) events that did not occur in the past. People, on the other hand, are better able to think outside the context of purely historical data and can therefore discover new event types and threats. With our prediction markets, you can capture these ideas and recognize the relevant threats. In project management, the anonymity of our prediction markets allows employees to communicate news, especially bad ones, more willingly without fear of negative consequences.

Your Benefit

Complementing traditional techniques, our prediction markets allow your company to better prepare for the relevant risks. Because current developments are taken into consideration by the participants, your decisions are based on the most recent data. In addition, prediction markets constitute a channel for receiving news early that are critical to your business's success.

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