Know today which drug is tomorrow's blockbuster!

Possible Subjects

  • Discovery: Which innovations exist in our cupboards?
  • Selection: Which drug will be the next blockbuster?
  • Monitoring: Which drug will complete the clinical trials?
  • Cost planning: Which costs do we incur in the development of this product?
  • Market research: What is the sales potential for this product?

What our prediction markets do for you

In the product development cycle – from idea to marketability – our prediction markets aid decision making in every step of the way. This starts with the discovery of ideas that inventors in your company keep hidden in the closet because there is no suitable or attractive way to present them, continues with selection, monitoring and cost planning to identify the new products with the highest success probability, and completes the process with market research support.

Our prediction market solution for innovations comprises three steps

  • The inventor proposes a product idea on the platform.
  • The idea is published as an IPO (initial public offering) in the innovation market where other participants can place initial bids on the idea.
  • Only if it meets sufficient demand, the idea is included in the market.

The IPO works like a filter, removing ideas that have a low a priori probability of success, leaving only promising ideas to be traded in the market.

Your Benefit

No matter in which phase you are using them in the innovation process, our prediction markets give you a realistic picture of the chances of an innovation to become a successful product. This allows you

  • identify successful products that would not have been realized otherwise, thus opening business opportunities
  • remove at an early point in time unsuccessful products from your development pipeline, saving considerable development costs.

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