Reduce your stock without increasing the risk of understocking!

Possible Subjects

  • Sales figures: How many units of this product will we sell during the next quarter year?
  • Procurement figures: How many units of the component will we buy in the next month?
  • Marketing support: How much are our customers willing to pay for the product?
  • Project controlling: How will customers rate our product in a given survey?

What our prediction markets do for you

The contact to others in your supply chain (or network) is becoming increasingly important. Sterman's beer game has shown that supply chains with insufficient communication and coordination tend to develop a “bull-whip” behavior, where every participant alternately faces over- and understockings. In this situation, our prediction markets constitute a communication channel for all members of your supply network, thereby reducing the risk of miscalculations in stock planning.

In addition, our prediction markets provide you with a direct line to your customers, enabling you to better learn of their wishes and problems with respect to your product. This gives you a longer time to react, both to feedback and in case of problems.

Your Benefit

Our prediction markets provide a better basis for planning your stock, so that costly reserves can be reduced at your company as well as for your business partner. This gives your supply network an advantage over your competitors.

With respect to your customers, offering prediction markets as a feedback channel increases loyalty both directly – getting problems solved quickly – and indirectly – via products better adapted to you customers’ needs.

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