Our prediction markets enable your company to gather knowledge that is hidden in the heads of your employees or customers in real time. Here’s why you should start using them:

Get more lead time on important events: Contrary to conventional polls, the predictions are updated in real time when a relevant change takes place, not when the next poll is due.

Get more communication: Since participation in our prediction market is anonymous, the cooperation between strangers is facilitated, and new communication channels are opened.

Get more cooperation: Our prediction markets help you gather information that is distributed among employees in different departments who would not normally collaborate.

Get more coordination: In inter-company collaborations, prediction markets help in coordinating the different views and levels of information across company borders.

Get a broader view: Prediction markets foster self-selection, so that those employees who are expert in a domain can contribute their expertise even if they are not formally assigned to a project.

Get more employee motivation: Participation in a prediction market gives your employees a feeling of being heard and directly contributing to the company’s success.

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