Discover trends and developments in your markets in real time!

Possible Subjects

  • Trends: What will customers expect from our products?
  • Market size and growth: What will be the turnover of our industry in the next year?
  • Market structure: Which market shares will our competitors have in two years?
  • Profitability: How will the price level for our market develop in the next year?
  • Competition: Will a new competitor enter our market?
  • External factors: How much will we pay for a barrel of crude oil at the end of the year?

What our prediction markets do for you

In an increasingly dynamic and instable economy, prediction markets provide a reliable tool for assessing the development of your environment by tapping into the knowledge of your employees or even of your customers (see also CRM/SRM). Prediction markets can also show and track gradual changes in the markets in real time and, if designed and used properly, will beat traditional forecasts in terms of accuracy and timeliness.

Your Benefit

By reducing the uncertainty about the environment your company operates in, prediction markets allow you to

  • increase profits by developing the products that meet tomorrow's needs (see also product innovation)
  • reduce the risk of your operations and thus
  • reduce costs that are spent for hedging against events that turn out to be unlikely

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